Boba Tea Invests in AI-Powered Workforce Tech

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Boba Tea Company

Specialty tea retailer Boba Tea Company is elevating its workforce strategies, tapping into artificial intelligence to power its HR and payroll efforts. 

The company is working with UKG Ready to implement mobile-first tech that allows staff to communicate with associates, including those working in other locations. The tech improves accessibility and transparency in workforce communications.

Managers can now create more intuitive schedules and communicate with staff for shift swapping. 

“The app lifts the burden on HR and managers since employees can easily do things like swap shifts, view schedules or pay stubs, and update their address right from their mobile device,” said Luong.

Hoa Luong, chief operating officer at Boba Tea Company, said the app has also allowed the company to communicate across its workforce using their internal “BobaScoops” announcement. Additionally, the company can roll out new policies, drinks, or processes and easily transmit that information to its associates. 

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Previously, Luong was encountering challenges just as being understaffed and unable to serve customers quickly — “a drain on our bottom line and on our people.”

The company reports saving a combined 70 hours per pay period in reviewing employee time ahead of payroll processing. Additionally, with more efficient staffing, the company increased sales by 23%. 

Luong said the company also integrated facial recognition in every store as part of the effort, and no longer has missed punches, allowing the company to document “everything accurately in an easily generated report.”

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