• Value Chain Tech Study 2023

    For the first time, the annual Supply Chain Study, now in its fourth year, combines the vision and resources of RIS News and Retail Leader. This partnership achieves a robust expansion of the study’s scope and deeper insight into critical retail trends, and thus we’ve renamed it the “Value Chain Technology Study” to reflect the evolution of supply chain trends.
    value chain study
  • Diving Into Consumer and Grocery Retailer Study Insights at GroceryTech

    On the final morning of GroceryTech, EnsembleIQ’s VP of Research Beth Brickel gave an overview of the “2023 Grocery Tech Trends Study,” as well as exclusive data not included in the study, along with a panel of experts. Discover the insights shared.
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  • 2023 Grocery Tech Trends Study

    RIS and PG’s annual Grocery Tech Trends Study benchmarks grocers’ up-and-coming tech investment plans, while a first-of-its-kind companion consumer study highlights shoppers’ preferences in-store and online. See if your company is on the right track toward a digitally powered future.
    2023 Grocery Tech Trends Study
  • 2023 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study: The Analytics Advantage

    RIS and CGT’s annual Retail and Consumer Good Analytics Study benchmarks the two industries’ analytic maturity and highlights the big bets being made on next-gen technology to ensure organizations keep pace with the business leaders. Find out where your company ranks among the industry’s best.
    RIS CGT Analytics Study
  • 33rd Annual Retail Technology Study

    Benchmark your organization’s tech maturity against more than 80 distinct retail solutions. Discover where your peers are making significant tech investments and what you need to do to keep pace.
    33rd Annual Retail Technology Study
  • Store Experience Study 2023: Remodeling Retail

    The annual “Store Experience Study” represents the 20th year of collaboration between RIS News and IHL Group. Benchmark your store technology stack against your peers and discover the retail industry’s tech investment plans for today and into the future.
    RIS 2023 Store Experience Study
  • RIS Software LeaderBoard ‘23

    RIS' 22nd annual look at the industry's best solution providers based on customer satisfaction rankings from retail end users. Where did your trusted partners rank?
    RIS Software LeaderBoard ‘23
  • RIS Supply Chain Technology Study 2022: Take Back Control of the Retail Supply Chain

    RIS benchmarks the state of the retail supply chain, identifies technologies that are keys to success, and recommends investments retailers can make to take back control of their supply chains.
    Supply Chain Technology Study 2022
  • Grocery Tech Trends Study 2022: The Next Horizon for Food Shopping

    In our 7th Annual Grocery Tech Trends Study, uncover the top grocery trends for 2022 and beyond and learn how retailers are using advanced technology to aim for the next horizon.
    2022 Grocery Tech Trends Study
  • Improving Omnichannel Solutions Testing and Deployment to Provide Customers Differentiated Experiences

    Retailers must develop and upgrade their omnichannel solutions to meet customer demands. Benchmark the omnichannel solution testing conducted across the industry, and pinpoint where retailers can improve both their innovation and execution efforts.
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