Share Your End-to-End Transformation Stories at Value Chain Tech

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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We’re Looking for Value Chain Success Stories

RIS News and Retail Leader are joining forces to debut Value Chain Tech, a unique new annual event focused on the technologies that power the key pillars of value chain success. Being held in Seattle, Washington, from March 25-27, we’ll be tackling achieving end-to-end retail collaboration. The event will bring together top retail and CPG executives and the industry's brightest minds who are working together to pioneer the next evolution of the supply chain.

Do you have an exciting value chain story to tell? Have you transformed your value chain through the use of game-changing technology, sustainability ecosystems, or impressive supply chain strategies? We would love to hear about it and feature it at this year’s Value Chain Tech event. 

If you have a suggestion for a speaker the industry needs to hear, please take a moment to nominate them for inclusion in this year’s agenda.

  • Engaging, prominent, and influential figures from across the retail and consumer goods manufacturing industry (director level and above)
  • Individuals who have an innovative and captivating case study to share about value chain transformations or end-to-end retail collaboration
  • Those who have tapped into emerging technology to apply significant changes across their value chains
  • Experts with advice on overcoming sustainability failures to enable end-to-end transformations with sustainability at the forefront

Have questions? please feel free to reach out to Liz Dominguez, managing editor for RIS News at [email protected] or Maia Jenkins, editor for RIS News at [email protected].

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