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On-Demand: How Ember Is Building a Future-Proof Global E-commerce Business



Agile can mean multiple things to different organizations, but one thing is certain: It’s critical for businesses to master.  

Fostering and cultivating agility can transform a new-to-market company into a versatile and resilient business, one that will thrive in today’s new commerce landscape. Ember Mugs has done just that, building a future-proof company that has evolved to sell its temperature-controlled drinkware across multiple digital storefronts and over 10,000 retail stores in 27 countries.

Join Zach Horton, director of logistics, supply and demand planning at Ember Technologies; Ebru Saglam, principal product marketing manager at Celigo; and Maia Jenkins, CGT/RIS editor, as Horton shares his experiences from their growth journey, and learn how the company built a future-proof global e-commerce business through integration, with forward-looking tech investments underpinning its growth journey every step of the way.

Watch this webinar to hear Zach’s perspective on: 

  • Challenges of operating a multichannel global company 
  • Steps to take to scale operations and remain agile as the business expands 
  • Ember's success in consolidating multiple integrations, and other processes that would benefit from automation 
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