Best Buy Canada’s Innovative Digital Experience Breakthroughs

maia jenkins headshot

In the modern retail landscape, digital and store experiences increasingly go hand-in-hand. From virtual fitting rooms to inventory robots to BOPIS, there are numerous ways to transform stores through digital transformation, making it all the more important to spearhead digital initiatives and make sure they're tapping into the right technologies.

In a recent webinar, Ricky Hon, an
interactive display and design expert at Best Buy Canada and IV Dickson, chief innovation officer at SageNet laid out the retailer’s digital signage journey. They discussed the meticulous process of designing, testing, and launching new initiatives, while also sharing advice for retailers who are embarking on their own digital transformation journeys. 

In this edited webinar transcript, Hon and Dickson explore how Best Buy Canada's digital experience breakthroughs have shaped the company’s journey, providing customers with interactive and personalized experiences and driving business impact. 

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